A shortlist of articles, op-eds, and blog posts that received the most positive reception

Zionism cannot produce a just peace. Only external pressure can end the Israeli apartheid. I grew up in a Zionist household, spent 12 years in a Zionist youth movement, lived for four years in Israel, and have friends and family who served in the Israeli Defense Forces. When that is your world, it’s hard to see apartheid as it’s happening in front of you.

Beyond policing Amidst the public outrage around the murder of George Floyd and police abuse, many are once again focusing on “bad apples” and the need for police reform. But the cause of abuse or brutality isn’t bad training, bias, or lack of accountability. It isn’t a few “bad apples.” The problem is policing itself.

Racism is in the air Many white people have an idealistic and simplistic understanding of racism: good people are not racist, racists are bad people; and while overtly racist bigots exist, the vast majority of white people are decent people who judge others “by the content of their character.” But the reality is more complex.